Oneness Workshop


“…and the Two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but ONE.”

The Oneness workshop was designed to dig deeper into the fabric of marriages identifying specific habits and situations that lead towards marital isolation.

Through brief interactive presentations and hearty discussion sessions, we explore the tools, resources, and principles that help lead couples to a new level of unity and oneness. The workbook highlights key points throughout the workshop and contains worksheets, tools and resources to implement these principles at home.


  1. Getting Your House in Order (Financial Planning)
  • Examine the critical role financial planning plays in a healthy marriage.
  • Take a closer look at cash flow, credit, budgeting, asset protection, retirement and more.
  • Couples are equipped with tools eliminate financial stress and prosper.
  1. Blowing up the Damn (Effective Communications)
  • Realize that in marriage, conflict will come. Left unresolved, conflict can drive a growing wedge between couples.
  • Learn to identify and dismantle destructive argument cycles.
  • Set the stage for communication, forgiveness, healing and progress to take place.
  1. The Elephant in the Living Room (Hidden Conflict)
  • The “elephant in the living room” is a metaphorical idiom for an obvious problem or risk no one wants to discuss which can silently deteriorate the foundation of marriage.
  • Learn to identify and uproot any potential “elephants in your living room”
  • Discuss the complexities of parenting, blended families and unhealthy in-law relationships.
  1. Let’s Talk (Open Discussion Session)
  • Oftentimes participants hesitate to ask a question in a group discussion out of shyness or fear or what people might say or think. They may never come across another opportunity to address issues they are struggling with.
  • The result is a discussion has been referred as “the most rewarding session in a marriage workshop” by our past couples.
  1. Doorway to Intimacy
  • Explore the seven unique forms of marital intimacy and find tips to enhance each one
  1. Walking Together in Power
  • Discover practical strategies regarding the armor of God and how it relates to couples
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