Making Disciples Workshop

Making Disciples is not just for Evangelists or Pastors. According to Scripture, all believers are called to make disciples. Quite often Pastors recognize this and challenge believers to share the Gospel. Unfortunately, most Pastors do not train them and most believers don’t know how share the Gospel or make disciples.

The Final Thrust Ministries offers several workshops to address this and other important needs.  The workshops instruct believers how to start a conversation, how to turn the conversation into a witnessing situation, how to share the Gospel efficiently and effectively, how to lead someone to receive Eternal Life and how to disciple the new believer into a meaningful and permanent relationship with God and the local Church.


  • Develop 5,000 Transformers and Equippers
  • Cultivate a finishing mentality among the Transformers and Equippers and those that they influence

Teach Transformers and Equippers to reflect the image and likeness of Christ, recognize and live the lifestyle of Jesus and share the Gospel boldly