Cultivating a finishing mentality within the Body of Christ, leading people to help complete the Great Commission by Mobilizing, Motivating, Equipping and Activating believers to make disciples for Jesus Christ.


Believers can be mobilized around a common vision. Every local church was raised up for a special purpose. Finding out the prophetic foundation or purpose of a church is critical to mobilizing the people.


“Where there is no vision, the people perish…” (Proverbs 29:18) When clear vision is not given, people are not motivated to get involved.  Once the vision is set and given to the people, it can serve as a rallying point, generate excitement and breath new life into a ministry.


Every believer needs to be equipped, not just taught church doctrine and policy or even how to live a Christian life.  They need to be given tools with which to nullify the works of the devil in their lives and tools with which to work the works of God.  They need to find out their Purpose, talents and God given abilities and how to use them to fulfill the great commission.  Many Pastors are guilty of not equipping the saints but expecting them to function. Believers want to be equipped to function, in the daily context of their lives, outside the four walls of the church.


There are many anointed people sitting in our churches with much revelation, knowledge, abilities, talents, and gifts but contributing nothing towards the finish of the Great Commission. Why? They have not been activated. Fear, religious traditions, insecure leaders, wrong belief systems, and denominational hindrances, to name a few, hold them back. A lack of activation will lead either to apathy or rebellion.