For years, the FTM marriage ministry has led hundreds of couples through various workshops by Family Life. The Vertical Marriage will help you learn the secret to a healthy marriage – if the vertical relationship with God is put first, the horizontal relationship between spouses will follow.

Join us on this journey over the next four weeks that will change and or enhance your marriage! During the marriage series the couples will have the opportunity to look at their relationship in a whole new way. Understanding how powerful prayer is in a marriage.

Vertical Marriage Series

Apr 9, 2021 from 6:00pm – 9:30pm. Includes Dinner

Location: 244 Liberty Street, Brockton, MA

Session I: The Elusive Secret Focus on your relationship with God first. Followed by group discussion.

Session II: Fight Me Like a Man! Having and Resolving Conflict. Followed by group discussion. 

Apr 24, 2021 from 1:30pm – 5:00pm. Includes lunch.

Location: 244 Liberty Street, Brockton, MA

Session III: To Cheer and to Cherish. Top relationship needs for men and women. Followed by group discussion.

Session IV: God in the Bedroom. Physical Intimacy. Followed by group discussion.

Session V: All In. Committing to be “All In” with God, your marriage, and your mission. Followed by group discussion.

Homework assignment projects

Romantic Weekend Getaway
Forty eight hours of romancing your spouse!  A time to share and be transparent about things that would other wise be difficult to do alongside the daily activities of the day!  There will be a LITTLE time for group activities but the focus will be your spouse during this weekend.  It is a fun-filled, relaxing and life changing weekend you do not want to miss! Don’t wait, and take advantage of our special discounted, special group rate.
Sonesta Select | Newport
9 Commerce Drive
Middletown, RI
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Plan Your Weekend Get-a-Way!
Post Get-A-Way Group Discussion
Saturday May 8, 2021
Time To Be Announced
Time to share feedback, to encourage one another, to discuss the life application process of Vertical Marriage, to be accountable to each other and to pray with one another.

What’s Included

  • Registration Fee is $115.00 per couple

  • Workbooks (2 per couple) highlighting key points with worksheets, tools and resources to help implement the principles at home
  • Lunch or Dinner on the workshop days and the feedback session will be provided

  • Tools, Resources and Guides for the Marriage Series

  • It does not include the weekend get-away [Apr 30 to May 2]. Once the weekend is finalized and the information is made available on this website, each couple will need to call and make arrangements for the weekend.


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* Only one registration is required per couple.

* Please call or txt the Admin Team at 857-417-8344 with any questions. Or email Lisa Lopes